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How much do piercings cost?

  • Our piercing procedure fees start at $30. The cost of jewelry or tax is not included in this pricing because we offer many varying jewelry options at different price points and customizable sizes.


  • Cost alone should never determine the piercing studio you chose. You can visit the Association of Professional Piercers guide to picking your piercer here.

Do I need an appointment?

  • We strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment on our booking page. This allows us to guarantee a time that works best for you.

What do I need to bring when I visit?

  • A government-issued form of photo identification is needed for anyone receiving a procedure: a non-expired driver's license, non-driver's license, or passport.

  • ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18: A parent or legal guardian must accompany you to the studio with their photo ID.  In accordance to Tennessee law, a copy of minors birth certificate MUST be provided. 


  • There is absolutely no exception to this rule.

What type of jewelry is used?

  • We only use implant grade titanium and 14k solid gold. These are the most safe and hypo allergenic metals to use in initial piercings. 

Do you use a "piercing gun"?

  • We absolutely do not use or recommend the use of piercing guns or "gentle hand-pressured devices". Not only can these cause tissue damage due to the jewelry being used to pierce with, piercing guns cannot be properly sterilized.


  • Please visit the Association of Professional Piercers full breakdown on the dangers of piercing guns here.

Can I bring in my own jewelry to be pierced with?

  • We do not want the liability of any healing issues when outside jewelry is used therefore, we do not allow clients to bring their own jewelry. Our jewelry comes with mill certificates to guarantee the quality and safety. 


  • Jewelry for fresh piercings is very much dependent on the quality, material, size and style that is used. Visit the Association of Professional Piercers guide on what jewelry to look for when getting a piercing. 

What are your aftercare instructions?

  • When receiving a piercing procedure from us, you will always be given a verbal breakdown of aftercare suggestions depending on the location of your new piercing, along with a detailed take-home brochure. You are always welcome to give us a call or schedule a checkup appointment through our booking page if you have any questions at all!


  • You may also visit the Association of Professional Piercers suggestions on aftercare instructions.

Is your studio regulated?

We are licensed and regulated by the state of Tennessee and city of Jackson.

Can minors receive a tattoo?

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to receive a tattoo even with parental consent. 

Is your studio regulated?

We are licensed and regulated by the state of Tennessee and city of Jackson.

Do you require a deposit?

For tattoos we require a $100 booking fee that is taken off the total cost of the session. We do not require a booking fee for all of our other services however, we do require a card on file when booking. If in the event you do not cancel your appointment within 24 hours or no show, 50% of the service cost will be charged to the card on file.  We do this to ensure our artists are being compensated for their time, products, and loss of potential income. 

Can I see the drawing before the appointment?

We work in the order of our appointments, and we do not show the design until the day of. However, small changes are quick, and our artists allot for that time in the event a client wants to change the design. 

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